Here comes the summer…


March is always a busy month here at the club. It’s the transitional period between winter and summer when boat owners start to return to the island, the yard is a hive of activity and the first brave souls attempt a day at the beach profusely claiming the sea ‘isn’t too bad actually’ (we all know it is in fact still numbingly cold!!)  It’s amazing how quickly spring comes and goes and with the first UK flights into Preveza happening this coming week it seems summer is officially about to start.

In the yacht guardianage circle of life we are now once again prepping for the boats to go back into the water. With the first of our allocated launching slots happening next week it’s all systems go and all hands on deck …quite literally. To give you some scale of the operation, a delivery of antifoul was dropped off at our workshop the other day consisting of 18 tins of the stuff in numerous colours, each weighing around 20kg! All of it more than likely will be used in the upcoming weeks.

Antifouling the hull is of course the end goal. Prior to that there’s gel coat repairs to finish, deep cleaning, polishing, rigging,  engine checks, seacock greasing, anodes to be put on and anchor chains to be painted. With each of the guys allocated their own tasks it’s a military style operation down there, even Vicky is managing to escape the office and into the sunshine to get stuck in too!



Not only is it full power at the yard, but there’s so much going on at the club too. Keep an eye out for my next posts with a round up of events going on as we head into April.


Don’t forget to change your clocks….