Lovely day for it…

It’s Valentine’s Day, and a gloriously sunny day for erecting a mast. I’ve been a bit excited knowing that the crane was coming sometime this week as it meant I had a great excuse to get out the office and back down to the yard, if only for an hour or so.  Two masts needed moving today, one going back on a yacht and one coming off.

I didn’t think it was going to be as straight forward as strapping the crane sling to the mast and carefully swinging it over and down onto the deck of the boat, but turns out it was just that. With the precision of the guy operating the crane, and Ruairi’s great line of sight, the masts were manoeuvred round the busy boatyard easily (clearly not their first time)… turns out pointing vigorously translates in all languages.

Both the yachts are having/had the standing rigging replaced and the furling gear serviced. The rig of a sailing yacht is fundamental to the boats performance and it’s vital that it’s kept well maintained and in good working order. The long winter months in the yard are the perfect time to do all the necessary maintenance checks and replace when necessary.

Here’s some photos I took this morning, keep an eye on our social media also as I’ll put some swingy mast videos up on there too…


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