Why we’re closed…


There’s a constant hum of noise here in the office coming from downstairs, occasionally interrupted by the vibrating rattling of what I assume might be a drill and the startling thud of something being hammered down or ripped away. What on earth is going on you may wonder? Well New Year, new ideas and new beginnings and all that, we (and I mean collectively as a Yacht Club, I personally have made absolutely no contribution to efforts, apart from the occasional brew making) are having a bit of a revamp. We’re completely ripping out and refitting the kitchen as well as re-flooring and painting the bathroom/showers and painting the inside bar.  No small task, but with Vicky and Ruairi as ring leaders and  despite the inside bar currently looking like a herd of elephants have stampeded through, the guys are moving forward with the job at a good pace. There’s nothing like a looming 6 Nations Rugby Tournament and a plethora of beer thirsty locals pushing a deadline to get the job done. I’ve been occasionally popping down to get in amongst it, getting the current low down from Ruairi and taking photos before getting in the way and retreating back to my office chair (the kettles down there too so its unavoidable). The grand re-opening is scheduled for Saturday 9th Feb at 4pm, just in time for the Scotland v Wales game at 4.15pm.

I’ll keep you posted but here’s the progress so far…




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