Goodbye 2018…

Here’s my final post of the year, it’s getting rather quiet around here as staff have left to spend Christmas in their native countries, there’s currently only 2 of our guys left down at the yard cracking on until Friday to make sure everything is wrapped up (bad pun) nicely for the holidays. The gel coat repairs have been an ongoing process and our rib ‘Fred’, that we use and abuse in summer to attend call outs, has been stripped back, dismantled and will be rebuilt to run more efficiently than ever, whilst looking shinier and prettier too (important of course). The weather has been relatively kind to us, with most of the heavy rainfall only gracing us in the hours of darkness, but the temperatures in the clear day times have plummeted. Fear not for the guys working constantly in the outdoors down at the yard however, as Ruairi, with the use of an old gas bottle, some steel pipe, a welding torch and a now dwindling supply of wooden pallets, has kept the team warm on the chilliest of days with his homemade log burner.

Back at the club the festive infused cocktails have been flowing and the Christmas day bookings are coming in for Vicky’s delicious Christmas dinner, made for the local community staying here on Lefkada for the big day. The locals have also been joining in on charity walks the last few weeks, organised in partnership with Get Active Lefkas raising money to buy sports equipment for the local preschool. It’s easy for us thalassophiles to forget that the land and hills around us are also worth exploring, but it doesn’t take long if you head inland to see more of the beauty this island has to offer.

Finally, the website has had an update over the last few months if you fancy checking it out.  I’ve been slowly chipping away at updating all the information and adding some new photos we’ve taken over the last year or so. I also updated flight information for UK departures as well as from other European countries; just this week a new direct Sunday morning flight from Stanstead to Preveza  (Thomas Cook) has been released making our little haven of paradise even more accessible than before. Bookings are being taken, new charter boat Euphrosyne has been added to the fleet and another charter boat coming soon in the New Year means it’s already shaping up to be a busy 2019.

On that note, everyone here at Vliho Yacht Club would like to wish all our friends and followers new and old, a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Have a good one, from all The VYC Team!


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