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Hello all, Laura here! I could previously be spotted around Vliho Yacht Club’s quay preparing our boats for arrivals and charters; I can now be found in the Vliho Yacht Club office where I’ll be hibernating for the winter months. I’m usually all gusto for the great outdoors but as the weather starts to get a little colder as winter fast approaches and with the added bonus of having Millie the Yacht Club dog keeping my feet warm, I’m actually quite glad to be sat at a desk.

blog photo

The idea of these updates is to give you all insight into what’s going on here at the club. With all your boats now lifted out of the water into the yards, our yacht team are finishing off the winterising process. Sails off, sheets detangled and neatly stored, boat propellers being cleaned, covers put on, seacocks greased,  yard maintenance and projects have begun.

Ruairi, Vicky and Mark are actually leaving the island this week, heading to Amsterdam for the METSTRADE Show.  The world’s largest trade exhibition of marine equipment, materials and systems, the guys are going to check out all the new developments and products within the industry to report back to us and our clients.

(Check it out at https://www.metstrade.com)

sunset in the bay
Empty Vliho Bay at sunset

As the winter progresses and we move into 2019 when the whole process of summer prepping starts again, I’ll aim to keep you posted from the comforts of my swinging office chair, with photos and news of any significant events as well as the everyday activity too.