Leg 3:Part 4

Every day at sun up, activity begins on the aft deck, much discussion and equipment precedes the first hook, lure, squid, thingy into the water. I tend to close out the differences in performance of each thing, as to me, they all equally catch seaweed with equal regularity. Like most times though, I was to be proven wrong, as the fishing crew finally got the measure of their quarry and in the space of 2 or 3 days they managed to land two 7/8 kilo Ono (Hawaiin name). Vicky was happy to be able to eke out her freezer-less menu and bring some more variety to evening meals. She was even more happy that Conrad delivered said fish minus heads and inside icky bits.

As a non fish eater, I am often consumed with curiosity as to what fish actually tastes like. It seems that every conversation around a fish goes…

” Do you like it?

“Oh yes very much, tastes like chicken”.

“Do you think so, I thought maybe rabbit”.

“Well it depends if you mean a wild rabbit or a bunny rabbit”.

“Whats a bunny rabbit”?

“Ach you know, the cuddly ones that taste like fish”.

…and so it goes on. Once again my quest for answers remains unsolved, as of our two mid Atlantic sea fish, one indeed tasted like chicken and the other vaguely of meat.

Onto sailing, engine has been off now for 11 days and we keep putting in 140nm averages, not bad for a big heavy elderly girl like this. Truth be told we just set the no 1 and no 2 Genoa wing to wing and let her do her thing. From 7 knots to 20 she is happy under this rig and we would go days on end without adjusting a thing. It couldn’t last though and as we approached the Caribbean, the mean wind speeds are on the rise. It seems that dawn is the time frame for squalls and most memorably when we blew both spinnaker halyards in the same 12 hour period, necessitating a trip up the mast at 7am.  Anyone who remembers Ellen McArthur getting battered up the mast of her race boat Kingfisher, will understand when I say, if she can do what she did then man up and get on with it. Truth be told, it was quite nice to get off the boat awhile.

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